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Fantastic Beast Profile: Hellenic Chimera

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Mostrata

Order: Carnivora

Genus: Kymerus

Species: Kymerus Hellenicos

Height: 3.3 meters

Length: 10.5 meters

Wingspan: 29 meters

Weight: 4,200

Point Total to Slay: 24 points


Hailing from the mountainous areas of Greece, Turkey, and Syria, the Hellenic Chimera is a ferocious combination of lion, goat and serpent with large, leathery, bat-like wings. A typical specimen has the the body of a lion, the hind legs of a goat and the tail of a serpent, along with the heads of all three of those creatures. It’s massive, powerful wings allow it to take flight at speeds of up to 55kmph for as long as 3 hours. An ambush predator, the Hellenic Chimera swoops down on unsuspecting prey with its razor-sharp claws and poisonous bite.

Hellenic Chimera are highly territorial and live in prides of 3 to 8 individuals – usually one male, 2 or 3 females, and up to 5 younger offspring. Prides roost in high hills or mountains and claim a territory of up to 16km. The adult male Chimera is responsible for securing the territory, fighting off other large predators (Manticore, Dragons, Griffins, etc.). Females take on the duty of hunting for the pride, attacking large game animals, as well as human settlements, farms, caravans and even naval vessels.

Hunting the Hellenic Chimera:

To successfully slay a Hellenic Chimera, you must target the beast’s heads – most notably the goat and serpent heads (although the lion head is also a valid target, the other two heads are more susceptible to damage by arrows). Shots to the front legs, hindquarters, and wings will only do superficial damage and may invite the beast to counterattack.

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