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Fantastic Beast Profile: Infernal Dragon

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Reptilia

Order: Carnivora

Genus: Drakkus

Species: Drakkus Tyrannicus Ignus

Height: 11 meters

Length: 38.2 meters

Wingspan: 144.6 meters

Weight: 2388 kg

Point Total to Slay: 36 points


Infernal Dragons are the largest – and most terrifying – species of dragon. Its long body is covered in thick scales the color of molten rock, with large, cruel horns topping its head and smaller horn sprouts just behind the tips of its blunt muzzle. Certain of its scales grow in sharp ridges sweeping back along its face, growing ever larger down its back, and even along the crests of its powerful wings, giving the Infernal Dragon its unmistakable spiky appearance.

Originally native to the elemental plane of fire, Infernal Dragons were summoned to our world several millennia ago, assumedly by a powerful magic user (or group of magic users) seeking to channel the power of these amazing and terrifying beasts to an unknown end. As such, they tend to make their homes within warm mountainous regions. Whenever possible, an Infernal Dragon will lair within an active volcano.

All Infernal Dragons breathe fire as a breath weapon, and these flames are intense enough to melt enchanted adamantine steel instantaneously. As one ages age, they gain increasing control over flames, as well as the heat organically radiating from its body. In fact, a mature specimen of can melt stone or instantly turn creatures to ash with its body heat alone. An older red dragon can control any fire (or fire-based magic) within a 100-meter range.

When roused to physical combat, this species of dragon will use virtually its entire body as a weapon: biting, clawing, lashing with its powerful tail, buffeting enemies with its monstrous wings while flying, or even flying or jumping a short distance to crush its foes beneath its immense mass.

Infernal Dragons are highly intelligent, but appear to be driven more by pride, spite and superiority than logic or reason. These dragons see themselves as the pinnacle of power and perceive almost all other creatures as their inferiors – including other species of dragons – and will generally attack anyone or thing in their territory that they see as a threat or annoyance. They do not tolerate other creatures' attempts to slay dragons – especially other Infernal Dragons – and tend to respond to successful dragon slaying with violent reprisals against the dragon slayers or their hometowns.

Hunting the Infernal Dragon:

According to Pavio Yaz’s notes, the Infernal Dragon we are dealing with is named Tixthattar Dar Ryythika (translated from draconic as “The Burning Goddess”). Although she is an adolescent of her kind, Tixthattar is quite skilled with fire manipulation and has a constant body temperature of 440° C. Our Jaeger Meisters suggest keeping a significant distance from her to avoid injury.

Fortunately, our sorcerer’s records indicate that she has two significant weak spots. One is an unhealed wound – likely due to combat with another dragon – at the base of the neck. Direct hits to this area will penetrate her stony scales and may sever the main artery leading to the beast’s brain. The other vulnerable spot – one shared by all Infernal Dragons – is her eye. Although small, this weak spot glows with a golden flame that makes targeting easier in low-light conditions.

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