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Fantastic Beast Profile: Kraken

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Mollusca

Class: Cephalopods

Order: Octopoda

Genus: Enteroctopus

Species: Enteroctopus Krakken

Height: 80.96 meters

Tentacle Length: 126.56 meters

Weight: 3,939.28 kg

Point Total to Slay: 30 points


The Kraken is species of gigantic, cephalopod-like sea monster that dwells off the coasts of Norway, Iceland and Greenland. It is the nature of this creature to swallow men, ships, and whales whole after crushing them in its immensely powerful tentacles. However, even more terrifying is the fact that the what most Kraken attack survivors describe – a giant octopus with 10 tentacles – is only the head of this immense beast. Beneath the surface is an almost humanoid body with two, three-fingered claws and an additional 6 tentacles that the beast can stand upon.

Pavio Yaz’s specimen was contained in a large aquarium in the basement of his laboratory. While we have been as of yet unable to unearth that section of the ruins after the attack, eyewitnesses from several nearby villages claim to have seen the Kraken emerge from a nearby spring and devour an entire herd of cattle. It is believed that – should these sighting be true – the Kraken escaped through fractures in the underground aquifer, and it is most likely making its way out to sea.

One major note of caution: based on Pavio Yaz’s records, in addition to the Kraken’s massive size and crushing tentacles, it also possesses limited psionic abilities. This aligns with records from fishing expeditions and pirate vessels of “madness” overcoming the crew just before a Kraken attack.

Hunting the Kraken:

The Kraken’s sheer size, tentacles, and psychic powers make it a daunting foe to say the least. To successfully fell the beast, you will need to place arrows dead center of its brain. Your point of aim should be slightly aft of the creature’s eyes. Alternately, three direct hits to the Kraken’s heart should effectively stop it in its tracks.

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