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Fantastic Beast Profile: Southern Chupacabra

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Mammilia

Order: Carnivora

Genus: Chiroptera

Species: Diphylla Vampiricus Azteco

Height: 1.2 meters

Weight: 20.3 kg

Point Total to Slay: 12 points


The Chupacabra – whose name literally translates into “goat sucker” – may look like a type of imp or feral goblinoid, but is actually a large, flightless species of vampire bat that walks on two or four legs and feeds on the blood of livestock and other large mammals.

Chupacabra are nocturnal, relying on their large eyes and sonar abilities to hunt for prey – often swarming the animal in groups of up to 30. When hunting, Chupacabras swarm their target, clamping down with their oversized jaws until the animal passes out or dies. At this point, the Chupacabras begin feeding by exsanguinating their prey. Due to the anti-coagulant in their saliva,

wounds from Chupacabra bites are often lethal without professional healing. These deadly vermin rarely attack full-grown humans, but they have been known to attack children and the elderly.

Chupacabra can be found as far north as the Kingdoms of Texas and California, and as far south as Argentina. The specimen that was part of Pavio Yaz’s menagerie was originally captured in southern Mexico. Apparently, it went by the name “Bubo.”

Hunting the Southern Chupacabra:

From a hunter’s perspective, Chupacabra are little more than large rodents. Targeting them center mass will usually slay the beast. Their eyes are an exceptional weak spot; if your aim is steady, you can slay the creature with a single shot to one of their orb-like eyes.

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