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Fantastic Beast Profile: Bandersnatch

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Monstrata

Order: Carnivora

Genus: Felidae

Species: Panthrus Bandelix

Height: 1.64 meters

Length: 4.33 meters

Tentacle Length: 6.42 meters

Weight: 181 kg

Point Total to Slay: 18 points


Native to Great Britain and Ireland, the Bandersnatch is a solitary, nocturnal predator that - at first glance – looks like a giant, 6-legged black leopard with almost a purple-hued coat. But, once provoked or preparing to attack prey, the creature extends two enormous tendrils from its back with pads of sharp, porcupine-spine like barbs on the ends. These spines contain a fast-acting toxin that causes near immediate paralysis and sometimes death.

Bandersnatch are not believed to originate from our plane of existence; instead living in the plane of shadow and dreams. Legend tells that a Bandersnatch may enter our world through one of the secret, misty portals that open in the moments after dusk. They prowl the wilds of our world for prey under the cover of night, only to return to their home through the same portal just moments before dawn. However, should a Bandersnatch ever find itself unable to return at dawn, they become locked here in the mortal realm. In that case, they make their homes in dark forests or caves.

The Bandersnatch in Pavio Yaz’s menagerie was an adult female he called “Miss Trixie Whiskers.” According to his notes, she is sly and capable of lifting objects up to 82kg with her tentacles. He Additionally, he has observed this specimen “fling” the spines at the end of her tentacles up to a distance of 18 meters. Her running speed has been clocked at 37 kmph.

Hunting the Bandersnatch:

Keeping your distance when hunting “Miss Trixie Whiskers” is highly advised – not only does she have incredible speed, sharp claws and powerful jaws, but her tentacles and ability to project the quills make close proximity shots a perilous gambit. As a feline mammal, her weakest point will be the heart, lungs and liver vitals area you’re accustomed to.

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