So, you want to get into archery?


Excellent! You’ve come to the right place. Archery builds strength, confidence, focus and mental toughness, but is also relaxing, meditative and a lot of fun.


At Tampa Archery School, our goal is to provide you with the skills you need to make archery a rewarding activity you can enjoy for a lifetime.


About Us

Tampa Archery School is a USA Archery, NFAA and ASA-certified program that offers safe, enjoyable archery lessons for youth (age 9+), teens and adults. Our highly-trained instructors have experience shooting all types of archery – traditional, Olympic recurve, compound bow, longbow and crossbow – and are eager to share their expertise and passion for the sport with archers of all skill levels.

Our archery classes primarily focus on range safety and proper shooting technique. As you advance, you will learn to tune your bow for maximum performance, score a competitive archery round, build an individual training plan and shoot with advanced archery shooting techniques.


We see ourselves as more than just a place to learn to shoot a bow and arrow. Our mission is to help shape archers who will be positive ambassadors of the sport to their friends, family and the Tampa Bay community. As such, Tampa Archery School students have the option of taking part in local and regional archery events, demonstrations and competitions.



Bryce Smith
USA Archery - Level 3 Archery Coach

Bryce Smith is a Level 3 USA Archery Certified coach who has twenty years of archery shooting experience. He founded Tampa Archery School in 2011 with the goal of sharing his passion for the sport with a whole new generation of archers.  


Bryce shoots barebow recurve, Olympic recurve,  target compound styles and crossbow, and has trained under several Olympic-level shooters.


Bryce has competed in multiple local and regional competitions, and coached for para-Olympic sports teams in Tampa Bay.

Oliver Sohn
USA Archery - Level 2 Archery Coach

Oliver Sohn started as a student at Tampa Archery School in 2013 and earned his Level 2 instructor credentials in 2018. He excels at working with new students on archery fundamentals and marksmanship skills.


Oliver shoots barebow recurve, target compound and crossbow styles. He takes part in several local and regional competitions.


Student at the school and can say that Oliver is a patient, knowledgable and enthusiastic instructor who goes out of his way to make classes channging and fun.

Class Schedule

As of February 1, 2019

Saturday Class

10:00 to 11:15 AM


Sunday Class

4:00 to 5:15 PM


All classes are appropriate for beginners   (age 10+). Experienced archers are welcome.


We ask that all students donate to keep Tampa Archery School properly equipped and running smoothly.

Recommended donations are listed below and can be made on the site or onsite.

Need Equipment Rental

$15/class or $60/month


Has Own Equipment

$10/class or $40/month

Class Location

Classes meet at Lake Park

17302 N Dale Mabry Hwy

Lutz, FL 33548


There is a $2 entry fee


Archery Styles We Teach

Barebow / Traditional

This includes longbows and recurve bows shot without the aid of a sight or other aiming aids. It is one of the purest forms of archery and a great place to start learning fundamentals.


However, it’s not just for beginners…there are champion archers that shoot this style in competition.

Olympic Recurve

In this style, a recurve or modern longbow is shot with the addition of a sight, stabilizer, clicker and other shooting aids.


As the name suggests, it is the type of bow that is shot in the Olympics and requires physical, mental and technical precision to shoot accurately. Olympic recurves are typically “tuned” the individual shooting them.


A compound uses a pulley system to allow the archer to draw and hold the full power of the bow with less exertion, resulting in more downrange power and greater accuracy.


Compounds are shot with the aid of a sight, stabilizer and trigger device, and require the archer to be mentally focused, technically precise and have a bow that is uniquely “tuned” to them.


Contact Us

Call or Text: (813) 856-9668

e-Mail: tampaarchery@gmail.com

Class Meetup Location


Lake Park Archery Range

17302 N Dale Mabry Hwy, Lutz, FL 33548


$2 entry fee


Mailing Address

5560 Spectra Cir. #101, Ft. Myers, FL 33908


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