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Fantastic Beast Profile: Basilisk

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Reptilia

Order: Ornithischia

Genus: Armatosauridae

Species: Basiliscus Stenopsis

Height: 2.9 meters

Length: 5.88 meters

Weight: 3,630 kg

Point Total to Slay: 24 points


The Basilisk (often called the “King of Serpents”) is not a serpent at all, but rather an eight-legged reptile with a nasty disposition and the ability to petrify prey with fear with but a single glance. Basilisks live in nearly any environment – from forest to desert – and their hides tend to match and reflect their surroundings. The Basilisk ranges in territory from Southern Italy to Greece and Turkey, but herds of these vile reptiles have been identified in Egypt, Libya, and as far south as Ethiopia. Basilisks have the ability to consume virtually anything organic; their churning stomach acid dissolving and extracting nutrients from flesh and bone alike.

As large, cold-blooded reptiles, Basilisks tend to move sluggishly and are not known to stalk or chase prey. Instead, they utilize their natural camouflage to wait in ambush. When they do attack, a Basilisk will attempt to close with and ram its opponent with the multiple venomous spines that erupt from the creature’s back and sides. It will then attempt to lock its gaze upon the eyes of its prey – an apparently magical ability that invokes debilitating fear.

Hunting the Basilisk:

Although the Basilisk has four sets of legs on each side, it’s vitals are located in the same area one would expect to find on a crocodile or large monitor lizard. Aim center mass just behind the creature’s first set of legs to target the heart and lungs.

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