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Fantastic Beast Profile: Dark Naga

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Reptilia

Order: Serpentes

Genus: Naganji

Species: Naga Nix

Height: 7.2 meters

Length: 13.6 meters

Weight: 798.5 kg

Point Total to Slay: 21 points


Typically encountered in ancient arcane ruins or abandoned temples throughout India, China, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Korea, Dark Nagas are large serpents who have evolved human-like faces – most likely through magical means. Their forked tongues spread only lies, and those whom they can’t manipulate or enthrall are typically destroyed with their strong coils, insidious poison and magical abilities.

The shimmering, chitinous scales that cover a Dark Naga’s serpentine body and cobra-like hood are ink black and difficult to penetrate with most weapons. A Dark Naga’s head resembles those of giant, androgynous humanoid, with a wide mouth filled with multiple rows of sharp fangs. And, while Dark Naga enjoy eating flesh – especially human – they can also gain sustenance from magical energy which they absorb from their environment.

Arrogant and sybaritic, Dark Naga seek to dominate anything they see as lesser creatures. While some manage to carve indulgent fiefdoms from tribes of humans, goblins or lizardfolk, most relish solitude and only venture from their lairs to find prey or capture new territory. If a Dark Naga happens upon any other species of Naga (Silver Naga, Water Naga, etc.) it will attack immediately and without mercy.

In combat, Dark Naga can spit a neurotoxic poison that takes effect upon contact, causing violent, involuntary spasming of the muscles. Depending upon the size and constitution of the target, this venom causes death in between 30 and 120 seconds if not treated with magic or a antivenom salve. Additionally, a Dark Naga may choose to expend some of its absorbed magical power to cast one of the following psionic spells: Hypnosis, Dominate Will, Cause Fear, Know Thoughts or Dispel Magic.

Hunting the Naga:

Dark Naga can spit their poison to distances of 18 meters, so it is best to stay outside of that range when engaging. Similarly, they must be within 10 meters to cast spells upon a target.

Targeting the vital organs on a Dark Naga is tricky due to their absurd anatomy and armored scales. For best effect, it is recommended to target the base of the skull, right about the point where the cobra-like hood begins.

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