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Fantastic Beast Profile: Fenrir

Kingdom: Plantae

Phylum: Anthro-Plantae

Class: Monstrata

Order: Kymerus

Genus: Yggdrasili

Species: Yggdrasili Fenrus

Height: 8.1 meters

Length: 21.2 meters

Weight: 2468 kg

Point Total to Slay: 32 points


Native to Scandinavia, the Baltic countries, Russia, Poland, and Germany, Fenrirs are said to be ferocious, ever-vigilant guardians of the World Tree, Yggdrasil. They appear as great, giant wolves made of living oak, but with animal-like organs inside.

Little is truly known of where Fenrir truly come from or their behavior as part of the ecosystem. Explorers and adventurers who survive an encounter with a Fenrir tell tales of them simply appearing from the forest, with glowing eyes, savage teeth, and a howl that can shake a man to death within his armor. And, once the threat has been eliminated or chased away, the Fenrir will simply melt back into the forest.

Pavio Yaz is the first and only sorcerer to ever capture a Fenrir. According to his notes, the beast does have a heart, brain, lungs, tongue and liver, but no bones, skin or muscles.

Hunting the Fenrir:

There has never been a confirmed defeat of a Fenrir, and no record can be found of how Pavio Yaz managed to subdue the beast. Our Jaeger Meisters suggest targeting the creature’s heart and lungs as if hunting any other type of wolf. Only time will tell if this is a credible hypothesis.

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