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Fantastic Beast Profile: Gargoyle

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Reptilia

Order: Theropada

Genus: Gargouille

Species: Gargouille Rouen

Height: 2.45 meters

Length: 3.4 meters

Wingspan: 8.53 meters

Weight: 139.8 kg

Point Total to Slay: 24 points


Gargoyles are winged reptiles that walk on two legs and have human or demon-like faces. Their bodies are covered with thick, grey scales that appear to be made of stone. In fact, while standing very still, a gargoyle can easily pass as a statue or part of a building’s architecture. While bestial in nature, Gargoyles are intelligent and feared as much for their cunning as for their terrible claws, razor-sharp teeth and powerful tails. A Gargoyle’s wings are used to glide using the wind and thermal currents; as such, they must leap from a cliff, building or other high structure to attain flight.

Gargoyles are regularly found throughout western Europe, with females living in groups of 3 to 10 and males typically roaming alone (except during mating season). The specimen in Pavio Yaz’s menagerie – a large male named Onyx the Invincible – was captured just outside Paris in the nation of France.

Gargloyles prefer to dwell near cliffs, mountainsides and other areas that allow them to take flight easily – including large buildings in urban areas. When living in a city setting, they spend the days crouched in high perches, using their natural camouflage to blend in with the stone masonry. At night, Gargoyles take to the skies searching for prey – usually goats or other smaller livestock which they swoop down upon from as high as 245 meters. It is not unheard of for a Gargoyle to attack people wandering the countryside after dusk.

Hunting the Gargoyle:

Onyx the Invincible is a full-grown male, meaning his thick, stone-like scales will be incredibly difficult to pierce with arrows. In Pavio Yaz’s writings – recovered in the ruins of his laboratory – indicate that the scales on the Gargoyle’s head and face are thinnest and the most likely means of defeating him by non-magical means.

That said, by all accounts Onyx is an exceptional specimen of his species. It will likely take more than one direct hit to his head to take him down.

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