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Fantastic Beast Profile: Griffon

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Monstrata

Order: Carnovora

Genus: Kymerus

Species: Kymerus Griffonus

Height: 2.2 meters

Length: 4.3 meters

Wingspan: 9.5 meters

Weight: 272 kg

Point Total to Slay: 30 points


Griffons are powerful aerial predators, swooping down from their high aeries to take their prey with beak and talon. Scholars and adventurers alike have long considered the Griffon a creature that combines grace with power, one that possesses both the power of the lion and the captivating majesty of the eagle.

Weighing in at over 270 kg and measuring approximately 4 meters from hooked beak to tufted tail, the Griffon strikes an imposing silhouette that has long been used in heraldry and other iconography as a symbol of power, authority, and justice. In reality, the Griffon is less concerned with abstract concepts than with hunting food and protecting its own kin.

Griffons are highly territorial, and once a male and female have established a nest and family, they passionately drive any other creatures away from their territory. Since Griffons make their homes in isolated mountainous areas with plenty of cliffs, bluffs, and crags throughout Europe. While they don’t actively hunt humans as sources of food, a griffon that slays a human sees the body as a fresh kill nonetheless, and will bring the corpse to its nest to feed its family. Griffons first meet intruders by swooping in to attack, resorting to fighting on the ground if doing so would allow them to maneuver opponents to cliff edges or other perilous positions.

While they can sometimes be trained or befriended to serve as mounts, griffons have no inherent affinity for humanoids. Their love of horsemeat and their territorial natures often put the creatures at odds with civilized races, though for the most part griffons keep to themselves.

Hunting the Griffon:

The Griffon in Pavio Yaz’s menagerie is not tamed, and has been recorded as an exceptionally aggressive specimen of their species. The vitals on the Griffon are similar to those of any large cat. Aim center mass just behind the creature’s forelegs to target the heart and lungs.

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