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Fantastic Beast Profile: Hydra

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Reptilia

Order: Serpentes

Genus: Lernaeanus

Species: Lernaeanus Hydra

Height: 3.81 meters

Length: 14.1 meters

Weight: 898 kg

Point Total to Slay: 24 points


The legendary Hydra is a serpent-like beast of vicious hunger and amazing regenerative powers, renowned for its ability to sprout two new heads when one is decapitated. Resembling a collection of snapping serpents atop a thick, lower body with 4 legs which it may or may not use to move about. Some Hydras have heads that are more fanged and viperlike, with smooth and supple scales, while others have rugged hides that are leathery in texture, and elongated crocodilian or even draconic visages.

Hydras are solitary creatures that take up residence in swamps and bogs, but rumors abound of Hydras taking up residence in costal reefs. They are one of the most commonly-encountered monsters by adventurers and can be found throughout tropical Europe, Africa, Asia, and South America. Primarily carnivorous, Hydras typically prefer to devour huge meals all at once and digest them for long periods of time; the average Hydra can consume as much as half its weight in a single day, subsequently fasting for nearly a week before needing to eat again. Though they can survive off vermin, reptiles, and fish, Hydras always prefer red meat if given the choice.

Alchemists, witches, and wizards occasionally capture Hydras for their magical experiments, as the beasts’ rapid tissue replication makes them ideal subjects for tests meant to harness their regenerative powers. Some eccentric scholars claim that within the biological makeup of Hydras lies the secret to eternal life, though more sensible sages dismiss these hypotheses as absurd and unfounded.

Hunting the Hydra:

Severing and cauterizing the many heads of a Hydra will be impossible with a bow. Instead, our Jaeger Meisters recommend targeting the creature’s heart, which sits at the base of its stalk of heads. Multiple direct hits to the creature’s heart will be necessary to slay the beast.

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