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Fantastic Beast Profile: Simurgh (Persian Griffin)

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Monstrata

Order: Carnivora

Genus: Kymerus

Species: Kymerus Persis

Height: 1.2 meters

Length: 1.8 meters

Wingspan: 6.87 meters

Weight: 57.15 kg

Point Total to Slay: 17 points


The Simurgh (also known as the Persian Griffin) is a kymeric creature with the head and body of a feral greyhound; the rear haunches of a mountain lion; and massive, colorful, feathered wings sometimes described as peacock-like. It is an immensely powerful and capable predator with keen eyesight and hearing, sharp claws on all four limbs, and wings that allow it to lift almost twice its body weight into the air. However, despite their predatory nature and lethal capabilities, the people of Iran, Iraq, Uzbekistan, Armenia and Azerbaijan believe sightings of a Simurgh as a blessing due to their tendency to hunt panthers, tigers, wolves and other large predators while largely ignoring livestock like sheep and goats.

Simurgh are solitary creatures, typically only gathering to mate. The typical Simurgh nest is a cave or rock ledge, usually located on a ridgeline or mountainside. Inside, the Simurage will create a bed made of animal hides, straw or hay, feathers, and bits of tarps or rugs. Each will also keep a horde of treasures, usually unique or unusual items. For example, in Pavio Yaz’s quest to capture the Simurgh in question, he found 10 ornate rugs, a barrel of apple wine, solid gold candle holders, the skull of a small whale, 3 ceremonial swords, the cloth top of a Bedouin tent, a Russian nesting doll, and several silver necklaces. Where and how the Simurgh acquired these treasures is unknown, but other explorers who have stumbled upon a Simurgh’s nest have found similar items. Whether a Simurgh collects these items as treasure or toys is unknown.

Simurgh are the natural enemies of the Roc – a species of enormous four-winged, raptor-like birds that occupy the same terrain. Despite the Roc’s greater size, there are many accounts of the giant birds being brought down by a single Simurgh.

Hunting the Simurgh:

The Simurgh in Pavio Yaz’s menagerie has been reported in sightings as being injured. Whether the injuries were the result of the explosion or due to an altercation with another fantastic beast is unknown. Our scouts have sighted this Simurgh in Carroll’s Wood and near Nordsdale Keep.

Because this beast is injured, it should be relatively easy to defeat with arrows. Aim slightly forward of center mass – right where the heart and lungs are located – for greatest effect.

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