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Fantastic Beast Profile: Sylvan Dragon

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Reptilia

Order: Carnivora

Genus: Drakkus

Species: Drakkus Sylvania

Height: 2.1 meters

Length: 4.3 meters

Wingspan: 10.7 meters

Weight: 164 kg

Point Total to Slay: 18 points


Also known as the Pygmy Blue Dragon, the Sylvan Dragon’s relatively small size and beautiful prismatic blue scales belie a vicious and unpredictable predator whose claws can shred steel and whose breath can cause madness. Underestimate this foe at your peril!

Sylvan dragons can originally be found in the deep forests of Germany, Denmark, Poland, Lithuania and Southern Sweden. A typical lair can house up to five Sylvan Dragons – one male, two females, and two juveniles. Sylvan Dragons do not collect hordes of gold, magic items, or other treasures in their lair.

Unlike most larger dragons, the Sylvan Dragon does not have interlocking scales that act as armor. Instead, it has smooth, snake-like scales that reflect tones of teal, blue, purple and indigo depending on how the light strikes. This shimmering appearance acts as camouflage while the dragon is in flight, as well as makes ranged attacks with a bow or canon more difficult. However, the Sylvan Dragon does have a chitinous carapace and horns that adorn its head. And while these horns are mainly used for mating and territorial disputes, it makes arrow attacks to that region virtually useless.

Sylvan Dragons are tricksters and ambush hunters that use stealth and guile to hunt their prey. If attacked or approached by a predator, the Sylvan Dragon can breathe a cloud of psychoactive gas that induces effects that range from hysterical euphoria to wild hallucinations to complete madness.

Hunting the Sylvan Dragon:

Because of the lack of armor, the Sylvan Dragon’s vulnerable vitals are similar to those of an alligator or monitor lizard. Arrow strikes to the head will have no effect.

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