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Fantastic Beast Profile: Xenops (Evil Eye)

Kingdom: Protista

Phylum: Amoebazoa

Class: Archamoebae

Order: Amminida

Genus: Xenops

Species: Xenops Pelomyxa

Height: 8.8 meters

Length: 9.1 meters

Pseudopod length: 1.86 meters

Weight: 381.18 kg

Point Total to Slay: 32 points


The Xenops (known colloquially as the Evil Eye) is an abomination left over from millennia gone by; a large, floating, orb-shaped being with rubbery skin and up to 12 tentacles (each tipped with an eyeball), one central eye and a maw of sharp teeth. These bizarre creatures are possessed of alien intelligence, inhuman forms of perception and innate arcane abilities, making it one of the most (and arguably the most) dangerous creature in Pavio Vaz’s menagerie.

Virtually everything that is known about Xenops comes from myth and legend. Those rare wizards, sorcerers, and artificers lucky enough to capture one for study rarely share their insights with the outside world. Fortunately, we have excerpts from the Sorcerer Yaz’s notes on the creature he named “Gjgxx the Beholder.”

“ I found Gjgxx in a cave in the Moroccan desert where he lived in solitude for approximately 2,000 years. Capturing the creature took the fullest extent of my magical and alchemical skills, and cost the lives of 30 hired Badwai scouts. The intellect and arcane fury of Gjgxx was as awesome and woeful a spectacle as I’ve ever witnessed on my days.”

“I’ve begun administering tests to learn more about this creature’s amazing physiology. It’s hide is actually a dense membrane that regenerates quickly and has made physical attempts to study its blood or internal working next to impossible; magical inquiries have yielded some interesting findings, but Gjgxx must be heavily sedated with gas for interrogative spells to work properly."

"As far as I can deduce, it has no true brain or other internal organs. Instead it appears to be completely filled with a gelatinous cytoplasm that radiates with supernatural energies. Similarly, the many eyes that radiate from the creatures core do not appear – upon study – to be eyes at all. Instead, they are pseudopods that act as multi-sensory organs that detect light, odor, sound, heat, magical and electrical energies, flavor and movement.”

“Aside from the crown of sensory pseudopods, the creature’s most prominent features are the great, unblinking eye and terrifying maw. The eye is, in fact, a visual sensory organ like that of any other creature. However, I hypothesize that it contains a dense conglomeration of nerve cells that radiate throughout the creature’s body. Thus, lending to its great level of intelligence. The toothed mouth is actually used to capture prey as opposed to eating it outright. On many nights, I’ve observed Gjgxx hold a whole live cow or deer in its closed mouth for up to 2 hours. During that time, the food is slowly digested through as of yet unknown means.”

“I have designed a magical helm that allows me to telepathically interrogate Gjgxx without fear of it entering and bewitching my mind. Through use of this helmet, I have learned that this specimen is well over 8,000 years old. When I inquired of its birth, the creature cryptically responded, ‘I am of my prior. One day I wasn’t. Then, through the will of my prior, I was.’ This leads me to believe that Xenops can reproduce at will – most likely by splitting in two. I fear what would become of Ehren and Tambay if Gjgxx were to escape and reproduce.”

Hunting the Xenops:

Based on Pavio Yaz’s notes, it will be extremely difficult to slay this creature. If, in fact, the creature’s sentience stems from it’s great central eye, that should be your point of aim. I fear that anything other than direct hits to the central eye will do nothing but anger the beast and turn its vengeance upon you.

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