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The Menagerie of Pavio Yaz Is Loose

For years, the Grand Sorcerer of Ehren - Pavio Yaz - has collected exotic and fantastic beasts from throughout the realms for research and study. Pavio's research has led to amazing technological advancements, the creation on new medicines, and the advancement of knowledge about the many monsters that our citizens, merchants, and soldiers may encounter during travels and adventures.

Pavio's research has been invaluable to our Queen and the safety and prosperity of all Tambay, Because of this, it has also attracted the attention of rival nations. Two weeks ago, as-of-yet unidentified spies and saboteurs attacked Pavio Yaz's remote laboratory - destroying most of the compound and freeing the many fantastic beasts housed within.

When the Queen's Templars arrived after the attack, they found Pavio Yaz in a catatonic state and most of his research destroyed. The freed beasts had already begun rampaging through the countryside. And, unfortunately, they appear to be moving closer and closer to Tambay's northernmost outpost - Nordsdale Keep.

Rangers! Years ago your Queen called upon you to defend the Eternal Realm of Tambay from an invasion of Orcs and Goblins. A new threat stands before us, and your Queen once again requires your skill, bravery and strength!

With our Templar armies now massing on the border to prevent further incursions, it now falls to you - the Tambay Ranger Corps - to hunt down these beasts and put an end to their reign of terror. 

This log will be updated every few days with notes and updates regarding the monsters freed from Pavio Yaz's menagerie, as well as other insights that will make your hunting mission on October 30th more successful.

Prepare well, Rangers! The fate of all Tambay rests in your hands!

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